Mark x Farina

Final Graduate Studio Critique

  Given the opportunity to present one last formal gallery critique in my final weeks of my grad school I decide to to move away from the topic of my thesis work which was about commerce, recycling, and the value of art.

  I was fortunate enough to have the whole critique room to occupy which meant 4 corners to surround my audience with. I always cherished my forays into filling a room, dressing a set, and installation immersive perspectives. There was an art history and  political statement as a conceptual framework centered around the US border wall and our current President Trump's popularity.

  About a week before my my crit day I had the fortunate chance to have a studio visit with acclaimed curator and critic Hamza Walker (LAXART and Frieze LA talks). He basically told me not to do it - stay away from these type tropes- " it's too hot"! I assured him by his very rejection of the idea- it would only increase my desire to try it on a captive audience.


So here is an installation titled " Throw it Against the Wall and see what Sticks" with all found objects.