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L21paris staff meeting.

Le Collectif Félicette / Guidance and Assistance

Dominique Bloink is an multi-disciplinary artist from Chicago, USA. She specializes in 2D animation, illustration, and analogue photography. As a self taught artist, her works often combine traditional methods with experimental execution, exploring different personas through a surreal, whimsical lens. She lives and works in Paris since 2017.

Lauren Over is a Los Angeles based mixed media artist/illustrator. She has a strong interest in Astrology, systems of studying archetypal energies, and tools for accessing the subconscious/collective conscious mind.

Sophie O' Brien is a student at the Sorbonne, studying Art History and Law. She is very passionate about art, loves drawing and spending a lot of time visiting museums and art exhibits in the city. 

Anonymous street artist in Paris. most work seen in the Marais neighborhood.

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Hermann Goldschmidt